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May 31st, 2016    

014 - Girls Get Gaming - Bringing you the Weather

Chronicles of Elyria
Possibly not possible...?

It's finally out, go get it!

Desert Bus for Hope
The Documentary is a go.

The Flame in the Flood Soundtrack
Thanks to The Molasses Flood and Chuck Ragan


May 17th, 2016    

013 - Girls Get Gaming - Honest!

Tracer - Heroes of the Storm
I've played her since, it's fun to be annoying!
I think we got a lot wrong about Overwatch tracer though...
Occulus rift
Dodgy terms of service?

Belly of the Beast
A morbidly disturbing RPG
Who devoured what Matty?

More about Time Stories
How we'd change it.


May 4th, 2016    

012 - Girls Get Gaming - Pander to Me

Sexism in Tabletop?
You might say it aint so, but it's so!
For Good Men To See Nothing
Sexism. Yes, In YOUR Gaming Community, And What YOU Can Do About It.

Magic Online
It's Magic, the card game.  But online.  With gold!

Ghost Busters, the boardgame, 2
AKA Ghost Busters 2 the board game.
"Yes! There's no women!" - Matty

Fallout 4 Automaton DLC
All I wanna do, is craft some bots, and I've got a feeling, that i'm not alone in that.