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May 31st, 2016    

014 - Girls Get Gaming - Bringing you the Weather

Chronicles of Elyria
Possibly not possible...?

It's finally out, go get it!

Desert Bus for Hope
The Documentary is a go.

The Flame in the Flood Soundtrack
Thanks to The Molasses Flood and Chuck Ragan


May 17th, 2016    

013 - Girls Get Gaming - Honest!

Tracer - Heroes of the Storm
I've played her since, it's fun to be annoying!
I think we got a lot wrong about Overwatch tracer though...
Occulus rift
Dodgy terms of service?

Belly of the Beast
A morbidly disturbing RPG
Who devoured what Matty?

More about Time Stories
How we'd change it.


May 4th, 2016    

012 - Girls Get Gaming - Pander to Me

Sexism in Tabletop?
You might say it aint so, but it's so!
For Good Men To See Nothing
Sexism. Yes, In YOUR Gaming Community, And What YOU Can Do About It.

Magic Online
It's Magic, the card game.  But online.  With gold!

Ghost Busters, the boardgame, 2
AKA Ghost Busters 2 the board game.
"Yes! There's no women!" - Matty

Fallout 4 Automaton DLC
All I wanna do, is craft some bots, and I've got a feeling, that i'm not alone in that.


April 20th, 2016    

011 - Girls Get Gaming - Now with 100% more Brians!

Vanilla WoW server being shut down by Blizzard

Boss Monsters
A dungeon building card game

Fragged Empire
Post post apocalyptic

Nintendo mii's on my phone, Is it even a game?


April 9th, 2016    

010 - Girls Get Gaming - Frankengames

We made it to double digits, we really did!

Don't starve together
Flipping underground bunny monsters?

XBox cross platforming
"we're enabling developers to support cross-network play"

A robotic Kickstarter board game.

Fallout DLC
Automatrons, taxidermy and a whole new island!


March 31st, 2016    

009 - Girls Get Gaming - No more newbies!

GDC Party Controversy
Dancing girls at the GDC XBox party made female and some male developers feel excluded.

Xul - Heroes of the Storm
The Necromancer from Diablo II joins the nexus.

Watchmen of Destiny
Adorable (or is it creepy) woodland creatures... A card game!

Settlers of Catan
The widely adored strategic resource board game.


March 31st, 2016    

008 - Girls Get Gaming: That’s a Colon

We still don't know what a Master System is?
(or the Master System II - Thanks Ciarán Lyons!)

Dead of Winter
Play a colony of zombie survivors and try not to be the jerk.
Retiring cards and a new unlockable warcraft character.
The Manhattan Project
A kickstarter boardgame of great consequence.
Are boardgames their own demographic yet?
Also... Merow!


March 15th, 2016    

007 - Girls Get Gaming - Putting the Mer in Gamering!

Time Stories
A decksploration game (deffinitely not a boardgame) about mysterty solving time travellers!
Happy Anniversary Pokemon
Several games have been announced, but we mostly want pokemon on our phones.
A Little Drop of Poison
Don't listen to them, poisoning your friends is bad... even in a card game.
The Flame in the Flood
Raft your way to the end of the world in this neat survival computer game.


March 8th, 2016    

006 - Girls Get Gaming - It’s just all a Charaaaaaade

So we edited out most of the awkward silences?

The Division
A coop shooter, I love Faye <3


Zombie Tower 3D
A cardboard tower boardgame with super cute art.

The Witches
The Discworld boardgame


March 1st, 2016    

005 - Girls Get Gaming - We don’t get it…

Intro Mentions (In which we get distracted by nostalgia...):
Dune 2000, Command and Conquer, Frontier, Warcraft, Sonic, SNES v Megadrive controversies, Mario World, Metroid, Crazy Taxi, Mirror's Edge, Micro Machines and Overwatch.

Machi Korro

Too Many Bones
El Presidante by Space Duck Games

Talking about games with friends, family and co-workers and is it any different for women and men?


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